MEDIATION is a more affordable way to arrive at a solution that you decide works best for your life and situation. 

Resolve any and all conflicts in the privacy of our office or we will come to you - NO CONFLICT is too large or small..fence disputes, custody, divorce, parenting time, family name a few, we have encountered them all and resolved most !!!


Comfortable and Private

Mediation at the Law Offices of Tami M. Dristiliaris, LLC, is the best and most practical way to arrive at a result through compromise and negotiation in the comfort of our spacious law office with a competent and very experienced mediator, Attorney George N. Dristiliaris.

Call to see if your case would benefit from Mediation

Benefits are cost effectiveness, time saving, private, control among others with a mediation style that makes the process flow with you in control.  As effective process, it is non-binding but the end result is very rewarding, so...give us a call today at (978) 458-1400 to set up your mediation session.